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1) Business philosophy: People-oriented, integrity first, scientific and technological innovation, quality first  

2) Enterprise policy: establish brand, emphasize reputation, excellent quality, excellent service  

3) Enterprise purpose: to create value for customers  

4) Enterprise spirit: honesty, pragmatism, innovation, cooperation and sharing  


Guangdong successful automation equipment co., LTD., operating philosophy is "people-oriented, integrity first, scientific and technological innovation, quality first", "people-oriented" means to the importance of enterprise employees, an enterprise should be a school, an army and a family, the metaphor really makes sense, he told us that an enterprise to have a can make their own staff can through the study,  The environment of constantly improving their own quality, this may be the best way for enterprises to source talent.  First of all, we should realize that excellent talents in an enterprise should be well aware of the enterprise culture, be able to integrate organically into the enterprise culture and become a whole in thought, and have the ability to creatively and excellently complete their own work.  "Integrity first", Irene Kaser said, "integrity is a symbol of strength, it shows a person/an enterprise's high self-respect and inner sense of security and dignity.  Enterprises and people only know how to respect themselves to get the respect of others.  The company always adheres to the concept of integrity, over the years to obtain the trust and support of our customers.  Guangdong successful automation equipment Co., Ltd. in order to better development, constantly improve employee satisfaction so that employees have a sense of belonging to the enterprise, the enterprise to retain a large number of talents including design and development talents and skilled personnel, the enterprise has talent in the production process to achieve "scientific and technological innovation, quality first".  


"Create a brand, emphasize credibility, good quality, high-quality service" said the guangdong success of automation equipment Co., LTD., the enterprise policy, enterprises only create their own brand to stand out in the same products, in order to let customers better find you.  Reputation, quality, service is the foundation and support of the establishment of enterprise brand.  After successful people for more than 10 years of efforts, for guangdong successful automation equipment Co., Ltd. in many electroplating industry to win a good word of mouth and reputation under a solid foundation.  


Winners find ways, losers find excuses.  As a member of Guangdong Successful automation Equipment Co., LTD., we should carry out the enterprise purpose of "creating value for customers" in the process of work, rather than take it as a slogan, but put it into the specific work and the company's business activities.  As a successful person, failure is not terrible, we have to find out the reason, to start the pace of success.  


"The good faith cooperation sharing" pragmatic innovation that is successful automation equipment co., LTD. Of guangdong reflected a kind of spirit of enterprise culture, to obey organization, teamwork, responsibility, dedication, honesty and self criticism, etc. On the basis of the corporate values and culture, the culture and management, is the development of the company years of experience in the process of accumulation and precipitation,  It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of Guangdong Successful automation Equipment Co., LTD.  An enterprise how to establish their own corporate culture, there is no fixed model, we should continue to learn through the practice of work, actively pay attention to absorb the advanced ideas of other enterprises, combined with the company's actual and their own employees to jointly establish a unique culture of Guangdong successful automation equipment Co., LTD.  


Coming to Work in Guangdong Success Automation Equipment Co., LTD., each of us has a kind of expectation: we hope to achieve self-value through their own efforts, and at the same time get a reasonable and fair return.  The rewards are not only physical, but spiritual as well.  Sometimes, there is no absolute fairness, but if the basic fairness is lost, a team can not be united, Guangdong Success automation Equipment Co., Ltd. the team has been twisted into a rope, try to play the best effect, toward a broader market and a better future!