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Service system  

The successful implementation of the customer as god's service tradition, all to the interests of customers as the starting point, in order to provide customers with better, better quality after-sales service, so that you can rest assured no matter when, where!  


Service tenet  

Adhering to the "customer first, integrity-based" service purpose, successful people to provide customers 24 hours all day long, a full range of intimate service, wholeheartedly for you to think more, only think more to do better.  


Service concept  

Successful high quality product quality, let every customer use 100% rest assured, successful superior product performance, let every customer can understand the convenience of equipment operation, every customer satisfaction, is the ultimate pursuit of success!  In every service process, we will give priority to the interests of customers, and customers in the use of any comments, is our improvement and forward power!  


Service standards  

24-hour natural after-sales service hotline, to accept customer consultation and complaints.  In order to avoid customers' worries, we will go to the site after the customer's report for repair, and repair the equipment in the first time. Generally, the fault will be repaired within 4 hours.  


Pre-sale service  

Provide training on project design, engineering guidance, installation and commissioning, equipment operation, maintenance, etc.  


After-sales service  

During the warranty period, the factory will provide personnel and equipment accessories in case of abnormal failure of the equipment, and rush to the customer's equipment site in the first time to provide customers with compulsory warranty services until the equipment is restored to normal use.  


After-sales service advantages:  

1. Rich experience: In today's economic era, market economic competition is extremely fierce. The competition between enterprises is not only about product brand quality, but also an important aspect is after-sales service.  The company has more than 10 years of after-sales service team, for customers to quickly analyze problems, provide solutions.  


2. Quick response: The company has been advocating integrity-based and mutual benefit for many years.  In 2013, it was equipped with 3 special vehicles for after-sales service.  For the southeast region, the Pearl River Delta region after-sales service.  For the maintenance service in south China, central China, north China, and Beijing and Shanghai, we will arrange the personnel to purchase high-speed rail or air tickets as soon as possible after receiving the phone call from customers, and then go to the destination as soon as possible to reduce customer losses and ensure the normal production of customers.  


3. Quality assurance: the company focuses on training equipment maintenance technicians and equipment training lecturers, so that customers can put into production as soon as possible after installation or maintenance of equipment.  Continuously improve the quality of after-sales service to improve customer satisfaction.